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LogNet Billing continues to grow in Prague

10. 3. 2016
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 Autor: Krill Rechter, LogNet Billing
For many years, Prague has attracted technology companies and LogNet Billing is one of the latest to open an operation in the city.
Doba čtení: 3 minuty

LogNet Billing is a UK-based company that supplies billing solutions. The company’s new operation in Prague is being referred to as an Innovation Center. The new facility includes staff in the areas of research and development, project implementation, customer support, training and business development.

LogNet Billing has also created a state-of-the-art demonstration center that the company is using to show its technology and solutions. The company plans to hold workshops and seminars for its customers and partners at its new facility in Prague.

Why Prague

LogNet Billing’s CEO, Kirill Rechter, views Prague as much more than just a beautiful city.

Rechter cited the reasons for selecting Prague are the city’s technology ecosystem and human resources.

“Prague is centrally located and easily accessible for our customers and partners. Equally as important, Prague has a growing technology hub that provides us with access to highly skilled and experienced R&D and project implementation staff and managers,” explained Rechter.

Rechter also sees the LogNet Billing’s new Innovation Center in Prague as playing an important role in supporting the company’s growth.

“Our new Innovation Center will help us meet the ongoing and growing demand for our solutions and will serve as a base for our new innovations and initiatives,” said Rechter.

Growing Customer Base

LogNet Billing helps services providers improve their billing operations.

“For over 20 years, we have been helping competitive service providers transform their billing operations and grow their businesses,” said Rechter.

LogNet Billing’s target market includes competitive providers of communications and utilities services. The company also has customers in other verticals, including the online gaming and transportation sectors.

The company’s main product is called the MaxBill solution. MaxBill enables service provides to manage multiple service environments and offer attractive packages. The solution includes modules for customer management, product catalog, order management, billing, rating and self-care. MaxBill is built with a configurable workflow engine and a multitenant architecture. It can be deployed for customers on premise or as a SaaS model.

LogNet Billing’s customer base in Europe includes retail energy providers in the UK, communications service providers in the Netherlands, a gaming company based in Cyprus and municipalities in Central Europe.

Opportunities in Czech Republic

Rechter explained that LogNet Billing has been active in Central Europe since the company was founded two decades ago. He says that the company has done significant business in the region and sees many opportunities in the utilities and communications sectors.

He points out that the supply of gas and electricity services to retail and industrial customers is deregulating and many new players are entering the market.

Rechter said “with good customer service and improved billing, these new entrants can win market share from incumbent energy providers and build profitable businesses.”

In the communications sector, Rechter sees that many service providers are currently transforming their billing operations to improve the competitiveness of their service offerings.

Rechter further explained “these trends are that are not limited to just Central Europe and are happening in many markets around the world.”

LogNet Billing is currently looking for a system integrator partner in the Czech Republic to help the company access these business opportunities.

“We have high expectations to grow our customer base, especially in the utilities sector, in the country and region,” concluded Rechter.